General Counsel Services

Most startups and small businesses cannot afford full-time, in-house legal counsel.  However, every business faces legal issues on a regular basis.  We offer the best of both worlds: a seasoned attorney with in-house experience, and the financial freedom to retain legal advice only when absolutely necessary. 

Other attorneys may be knowledgeable about your legal matters, but few have actually been responsible for managing the legal affairs of a technology start-up from the inside.  We will familiarize ourselves with your business and advise you as if it were our own.  We will charge you only when action must be taken, providing you with the comfort to call with questions without the fear of being billed for every second we're on the line.  Whether you have a change of ownership, a problematic employee, delinquent receivables, website compliance questions, a vendor agreement to review, a dispute with a customer, or a lawsuit filed against you, we will manage your legal matters as only a stakeholder would.